Our Grassroots History

This is how our organization grew, like grass!


Parents in Estabrook began Lexington's very first lunchtime recycling and composting program.


Two parents at Bridge Elementary School started Eco-Bridge - our town's longest-lasting Green Team ever! Including lunchtime recycling and onsite composting.


Lexington's 3rd Green Team Hastings Go Green started lunchtime recycling.


Parents and Green Teams advocated for eliminating styrofoam trays in all schools.


Compostable trays replaced styrofoam trays (400,000 per year).


  • All nine public schools started compost pickup service by Black Earth Compost.
  • Whitsons Food Service staff in LPS kitchens began to compost food scrap.
  • Students at three more elementary schools (Estabrook, Harrington, and Hastings) began to compost food waste, napkins and lunch trays.


  • School Committee approved new Hastings building to have a dishwashing facility.
  • Fiske Elementary School students began to compost lunch waste on Fridays.



  • Whitsons Food Service phases out petroleum-based plastic straws and utensils.
  • Plastic bag/film recycling through Trex expands to 8 LPS schools.
  • Joined forces with Lexington Girl Scout troop in proposing and passing bylaw changes to eliminate/reduce petroleum-based plastic beverage straws and stirrers, and expanded polystyrene food serviceware and packaging.
  • Began a pilot food rescue program in partnership with the town Health Dept, Whitsons, and FoodLink.
  • All nine LPS schools are composting and recycling lunch waste every day, diverting 3.3 tons of organic waste from the incinerator each week.