to be part of the SOLUTION?

School Cafeterias & Events

We always need volunteers to help students and adults in recycling and composting. Pick a fabulous Green Team to join. If you can't decide or find one, email us at and we will be happy to help.

Residential Composting

Itchy to slash the trash at home? You can:

Race to Compost! - Get in on the competition! Join all the Lexington Public Schools and organizations in the “Race to Compost”. Just mention <your organization> in the referral section when you sign up for curbside pick-up from Black Earth Compost and they will donate $10 to the organization. As a bonus, the first organization with 50 referral sign-ups gets two 13-gallon compost bins and liners!

Referral tally as of 10/24/2018:

Bowman - 28Fiske - 19 Bridge - 10Estabrook - 7Hastings - 6 Harrington - 4Clarke - 12 Diamond - 5 LHS - 6Community Nursery School - 21 LexFarm - 7Temple Isaiah - 11

Textile Recycle Drop-off

95% of unwanted textiles can be reused or recycled. Baystate Textiles accepts "the good, the bad and the ugly" as long as they 're clean and dry. Whether you are cleaning out your closets, redecorating and updating draperies, linens, etc. or it is time to get rid of the childhood stuffed animals, keep them out of the waste stream and support your local community!

You can drop off in the white bin by the parking lot at each of our schools. Baystate Textiles will compensate the schools according to the weight of the collections.

#2 #4 Plastic Bag/Film Drop-off

Clean and dry plastic (polyethylene) bags can be recycled in the Trex collection boxes at Stop and Shop, Shaws, or Market Basket. (Labels do not need to be removed.)

Items not accepted:

  • Plastics that are harder and “crinkly” that do not stretch when torn
  • Laminate materials
  • Mesh bags for onions, citric fruits, potatoes

And much more:

  • Bring your own shopping bag. When offered a "free" single-use bag, say NO (because nothing is "free" when resources have been exploited to make it.)
  • Use both sides of the paper
  • Bring a lunch box and reusable utensil
  • Host parties the sustainable way: with reusable plates, cups, utensils, and napkins.
  • Choose products with the least amount of packaging and those made with recycled materials
  • Donate books to Cary Library or Africa Library Project. Education is key for a sustainable future!
  • Walk, bike, take a bus, or carpool
  • Conserve water
  • Conserve energy
  • And share green practices with others

(courtesy of The Green Team Pledge)

Cheap compostable alternatives!

Having a big event/celebration with food?

Rather than buying single-use petroleum-based plastics for your event, consider these affordable compostable options:

Compostable foodware pricing