Recycling - What / Where / How

What CAN you recycle curbside?

Visit and find out!

Check out our visit to the WM Billerica MRF here.

Textile Recycling Drop-off

95% of unwanted textiles can be reused or recycled. Baystate Textiles accepts "the good, the bad and the ugly" as long as they're clean and dry. Whether you are cleaning out your closets, redecorating and updating draperies, linens, etc. or it is time to get rid of the childhood stuffed animals, keep them out of the waste stream and support your local community!

You can drop off in the white bin by the parking lot at each of our schools. Baystate Textiles pays our schools $100/ton of material collected!

#2 & #4 Plastic Bag/Film Drop-off

LPS Green Teams in partnership with Whitsons Food Service staff are collecting and recycling plastic film and bags from LPS kitchens. You can also do this at home!

Clean and dry plastic (polyethylene) bags can be recycled in Trex/other collection boxes at Stop&Shop, Shaws, Market Basket and other stores. (Labels do not need to be removed.) These items DO NOT belong in your curbside recycling bin.

Items not accepted:

  • #5 bags and plastics that are harder and “crinkly” that do not stretch when torn

  • Laminated materials

  • Mesh bags for onions, citrus fruits, potatoes

Miscellaneous plastic recycling opportunities with TerraCycle

LPS Green Teams is coordinating various town-wide TerraCycle recycling brigade programs for hard-to-recycle items that are ANY BRAND.

  1. Writing instruments: There are collection boxes at the Clarke and Diamond front offices which teachers, staff and students can use to deposit ANY BRAND of:

    • empty pens,

    • mechanical pencils,

    • highlighters,

    • markers,

    • glue sticks and

    • flexible packaging.

  2. Food containers: ANY BRAND

  3. Tooth care products and packaging: ANY BRAND of

    • Used or empty toothpaste tubes and caps,

    • toothbrushes,

    • toothpaste cartons, toothbrush outer packaging and

    • floss containers.

If you would like to participate in any of these recycling brigades, create your own box for your household and when it gets full, email and we will arrange a contactless pick-up.

Thank you for your help in reducing our waste stream!

Email us ( if you have questions.