About Us

Who We Are

Since starting at Estabrook in 2004, LPS Green Teams has grown into a grassroots alliance of parents, staff, and students representing all Lexington public schools.

We are passionate about promoting - in school and greater community - the green practices of waste prevention and reduction.

What We Do

Organize and implement recycling and composting:

    1. Support students and staff at Zero Waste Stations in school kitchens and cafeterias.
    2. Educate community with Zero Waste Stations at:
      • PTA/O Events
      • Discovery Day
      • LEF Community Celebration
      • Sustainability Fair
      • Farmer's Market
    3. Encourage composting of food waste town-wide by partnering with Black Earth Compost in Race to Compost

Advocate for the prevention of single-use plastics and overall waste:

      1. Endorse plastic bag ban laws in Lexington and state-wide in Massachusetts.
      2. Collaborate with School Committee to enhance School Policies, which stipulates LPS to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle/Compost. (School Policy Section EDE)
      3. Support the culture of reuse by advocating "green" infrastructure:
        • Dishwasher in new/renovated school buildings,
        • Water-filling stations in schools, town facilities and fields.
      4. Collaborate with two Girl Scout troops on the Citizens' Articles of changing the town bylaws to eliminate/reduce the use of plastic beverage straws, plastic stirrers, and polystyrene food containers and packaging.

Links to Our Green Teams' Websites: