Zero Waste Alliance

Stipend positions of Sustainability Champions were approved by the School Committee. The application process has closed. Sustainability Champion(s) in each school will be announced soon!








NEW: LPS Sustainability Champions Program starts 2023-24 school year!

Volunteer in a Green Team:

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Middle School Green Teams:          Clarke             Diamond

LHS Green Team

Food Rescue Program Pilot Begins at Diamond Middle School

Sustainability Champions at each school: coming soon!

(USDA 6/2016)

"It is important to note that when using a share table, CNP operators are able to claim the reimbursable meal at the point of service even if a child then puts one or more of the meal components on the share table. When food items are left on the share table at the end of the meal service, that food can be used in later meals that are claimed for reimbursement."

Partnership with Whitsons Food Service

LPS Green Teams have been proud to collaborate with Whitsons Food Service that provides our school lunches and breakfasts in multiple initiatives: