Town-wide Food Waste Pickup

1,099 supporting residents and groups as of 11:00am 2/9/2023 and counting. Please share with your friends, neighbors, groups/organizations and get our voice heard!

Congratulations to the LHS Environthon Team!


Thanks to your supports, the Select Board voted unanimously for the pilot food waste collection program for 2,000 households in the town budget, Town Meeting approved the budget.

2022-23 campaign for food waste collection 

Lexington's current waste hauling contract is expiring in June 2023 and new contracts are expected to drastically increase the cost of hauling our trash.

Now we have the opportunity to align our practice with the town's goals of reaching zero emissions by 2035 (Article 4, STM 2020) and the zero waste goals outlined in the Zero Waste Resolution (Article 27, ATM 2022) to develop a Zero Waste Plan, including a plan for town-wide compost service. 

It's time to act now and show our Town leadership that we support town-wide food waste collection. Please add your name to the list of supporters.

Food waste composting is a critical and practical solution for our climate crisis and trash crisis:

Every month we contemplate and wait, 200 tons of food waste is being burned. Lexington needs to take action NOW.